Turning Back the Clock on Aging Anti-Aging Part I

How would you like to find a magic potion that could make you look younger, bring back the bounce in your step, and return your sex drive? If you answered yes, you are not alone. No one wants to look old. Just look at the number of people who get a face lift or liposuction to remove belly fat or unsightly love handles. What’s even more important than looking good, is feeling and thinking like a young person.I can’t tell how many of my patients are Baby Boomers searching for answers to delay the aging process. As a doctor who specializes in anti aging medicine, I am always researching and seeking ways to help people look and feel their best without going under the knife. Patients often ask me what anti-aging medicine is all about other than just trying to stay healthy.Let me begin by giving you a little background on anti-aging medicine. Today the practice of anti-aging remedies is a scientific fact rather than science fiction. In essence anti-aging medicine involves early detection, prevention, treatment, and reversal of age-related diseases. It is dedicated to learning how to prolong the healthy lifespan of humans. In the following series of articles I will share some of the things you can do to delay or reverse many of the typical signs of aging.What’s Your Real Age?Age is deceiving and isn’t always what it appears to be. When you think about how old you are, you are really looking at three different aspects of age.o Chronological age- refers to the number of years since your birth; your actual age in years.
o Biological age- refers to how old your body systems are; your heart, cardiovascular system, brain function, muscular strength and flexibility. This can differ based upon nutrition, disease, degree of fitness, weight management, etc.
o Psychological age- refers to how old you feel. Your real age in years may be 75 but you may feel much younger or older for various reasons.Some people seem younger than their years because of the way they act or think. Others appear much older due to health conditions that may hinder an active lifestyle. Life expectancy has continued to increase to the extent that the proportion of people aged 65 or older increased from 4% in 1900 to about 12% in 2000.It is estimated that more than 50 million people will be 65 or older in 2020. This is due primarily to the emphasis on anti aging medicine. In 2004 the life expectancy for women was approximately 80 years and 75 years for men. Who knows what life expectancy will be in 25 years?”Healthy aging” is a term used to define living a longer, healthier life based on diet and prevention of age-related diseases. It’s true that as you age you tend to accumulate nagging health conditions that are blamed on getting old. But many elders live a vibrant, healthy life to a ripe old age, whereas others complain of more ailments each year.What accounts for the difference in people? Genetics make up only about 20% of the features that contribute to longevity leaving the remaining 80% to other factors unrelated to your genes. You might not realize that many health conditions can actually be reversed by making changes in your attitude and daily living habits.I like to look at senior health from a physical and psychological standpoint because both play a role in how you age. As a doctor of anti aging medicine I believe diet and lifestyle significantly contribute to the progression of many age related diseases. It has become evident that the use of natural medicines and dietary supplements can help to reduce the risk of many health conditions.Strengthen Your Body’s Defense MechanismDon’t let your immune system let you down just because you are over 65. So many people succumb to colds, flu, and pneumonia because their body’s defense mechanism isn’t as powerful as it used to be when they were young. Anti-aging begins by giving your body what it needs to fight infection and strengthen your immunity to disease.There are some remarkable ingredients in supplement form that have been around for years. But their anti-aging qualities have only just begun to be appreciated. If you are looking to supplement your diet you may want to read the label for these age essential elements:o Colostrum- a natural health food that comes from cow’s milk. It has been used throughout history to support the immune system, helping the body fight off colds and infection. In 1990 it was found to help fight stomach bacteria and help soothe stomach ulcers. Researchers later studied it for its natural growth features and anti-aging benefits.
o Mucuna Pruiens- is known to dramatically strengthen your immune system, increase bone density, muscle mass, and energy levels. It will also improve cholesterol levels, and your sense of well-being.As always my advice is to consult your doctor before taking dietary supplements to make sure they do not interfere with any medications you might be taking.Remember, the choices you make today could make the difference in how you feel and look tomorrow. A year from now you may have more energy, be more fit, and have fewer aches and pains than you did five years ago. Join me next time to explore the affects of aging on your physical and mental systems and the steps you can take now to slow down the aging process.

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